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License#: 10707769-SA00

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A self-made Real Estate entrepreneur Levi Coleman is one who has never been afraid to work hard. He began his career as a Paramedic/Firefighter a difficult and grueling job and by most account difficult to get into. While working for the fire department Levi became intrigued by his passion for real estate and investment properties in particular. He began investing in small multi-family rental properties and apartment complexes here in Northern Utah. During that time Levi gained valuable knowledge skills and awareness of the local Utah market.

As a firefighter Levi's passion for helping others began to intertwine with his passion and love for real estate which eventually led him to get his Real Estate License so that he could help others utilized his knowledge and experience for their benefit.

Today Levi's experience as a firefighter and expertise in real estate has become his major strengths. When representing buyers and sellers you can count on Levi to keep a level headed approach to protecting your interest. When negotiations get heated or challenges arise you know he'll be there to put out the fire.

After all when the real estate market is HOT who better to call than Levi Coleman.

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